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What are your rates?

My rates for full productions will vary from project to project depending on various circumstances. Contact me through this form to further discuss rates.

Live drum tracking is done in another location with a wonderful collection of analog equipment including Neve, API, Chandler, Grove Hill, Klark Teknik, and more. Renting this location is $100 per day, so you will want to factor this into your budget if live drums are a piece of your production.

What should I bring/how should I prepare?

We will discuss this in more detail prior to our first session. A general rule is that if we are tracking guitars, you should bring your guitar and any essential pedals you may need. So on and so forth.

All stringed instruments will need to have been restrung no more than one (1) day prior to our session. Depending on the length of our session/project, you will need to bring additional strings as well. One to three songs, I'd recommend bringing 2 extra packs for guitars. For a full length (5+), 4 extra. For bass, bring one extra pack for 2-4 songs, two extra packs for anything more. We will be changing strings periodically throughout the process.

The same principles apply to drums. New heads (batter and resonant would be ideal, but we may be able to work with just batter) will need to be purchased by the first day of drum tracking. I/we will tune them at the start of our session. I would also prefer you to bring a pack of moongels or similar dampening product. Be sure to bring enough sticks!


How do you handle payments?

I accept all of the common payment methods that you would expect: Paypal, Cash App, Venmo, etc. Physical cash is always king. I will also accept payment in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

A down payment of 50% of the mix/master will be due by the beginning of our first session. The remaining balance will be due by the end of the project. I will not send any final mixes until full payment has been made. No exceptions. Paying per session as we go is greatly preferred.

How do I book a session?

You can book with me through this form.

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